Marine Village School Board

Marine Village School Board

Board meetings are held at 6:00PM at Marine Village School, 550 Pine Street, Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047 and via Zoom at the link below.

Upcoming Regular Board Meetings:
Thursday, May 16, 2024
Thursday, June 20, 2024
Thursday, July 18, 2024

showing the front entrance of marine village school at 550 Pine St. Marine On St.Croix Mn 55047
Win Miller Board Chair Community Member [email protected] 651-431-8308 06/30/2025 (Founding Member)
Pete Gardner Vice Chair Community Member [email protected] 484-624-9876 06/30/2025 (Founding Member)
Linda Tibbetts Secretary Community Member [email protected] 651-491-7526 06/30/2025 (Founding Member)
Mike Lammi Treasurer Community Member [email protected] 651-307-8415 06/30/2026
Jenn Cress Board Member Community Member [email protected] 651-245-6601 06/30/2025 (Founding Member)
Kate McDearmon Board Member Parent [email protected] 651-329-7227 06/30/2025 (Founding Member)
Cari McGlynn Board Member Teacher [email protected] 06/30/2026
Sarah Stivland Board Member Community Member [email protected] 651-366-7788 06/30/2026
Daryl Timmer Board Member Community Member [email protected] 612-812-5330 06/30/2025 (Founding Member)
Kim Kokx, Ph.D. Executive Director Executive Director [email protected] 208-308-8380

MVS Authorizer


Minnesota Office of Charter Authorizing serves a single-purpose authorizer of public charter schools in Minnesota whose mission is to improve all pupil learning and all student achievement. As a single-purpose authorizer, MOChA does not limit the applications it solicits, considers, or approves to any single curriculum, learning program, or method.

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