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Marine Village School provides students with a rigorous academic experience enriched by local community programming, Spanish language instruction and extended outdoor learning. Committed teachers, staff and community partners incorporate the arts and outdoor disciplines to bolster academic success, promote character development and support emotional well-being.

Our learning program is rooted in our four cornerstones: Academics, Ecology, Community, and Service. We utilize the Core Knowledge curriculum aligned to Minnesota Academic Standards. These standards outline specific content and skills taught in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, and the arts. In addition, our community partnerships allow us to provide specialized instruction through the mentorship of St. Croix Valley artisans and historians. 

To access the school’s Local Literacy Plan, please click here. The World’s Best Workforce Plan for Marine Village School can be found here.

Marine Village School is Unique!

In this series of short videos, Dr. Kim Kokx shares just a few reasons why Marine Village School is in a class by itself!





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Our Cornerstones


We have high expectations for all students and use the comprehensive and content-rich Core Knowledge curriculum with a focus on communication and leadership.


Learners participate in meaningful research. From measuring salt runoff from Highway 95 into the St. Croix River to observing seasonal changes in the school forest, students benefit from our unique location and community partnerships in the St. Croix River Valley.


Community engagement is vital to a meaningful educational experience. We connect our students with St. Croix Valley artists and residents, forging relationships that will last a lifetime.


Service commitments include caring for streams, planting trees, performing for the public, encouraging our neighbors through our very own Marine Mini Mail, and more.

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