We are a public school funded by the state government, so there is no tuition. There will be charges for before and after school care.

With six grades, Kindergarten through Fifth, and up to 25 students per grade, we will have a maximum of 150 students in the school. If more than 25 students per class apply for enrollment, we will hold a lottery on March 15th to determine who is enrolled. Students not selected will be put on a waiting list.

No, families will need to provide their own meals.

Bussing will be provided for the 2023-24 school year.

Yes, the Marine Village School District will follow closely the Stillwater District 834 calendar, to make it easier for families with children in both Districts.

The current Founding Board will stay in place for the first three years to support the establishment of the school. The School Board meets monthly, more often if needed, and all meetings are posted on our website; all meetings are open to the public. The school will hold an Annual Meeting each spring at which time new members of the Board may be elected by the body. Board terms are three years. School Board membership consists of parents, community members, and teachers.

Parent and community voices are important and always welcome.

The Executive Director is responsible for the implementation of the Board directives and strategic plans.  The Director is also responsible for hiring staff and assuring the program is delivered with fidelity.

A financial management agency is in place to guide us in school finance, as well as two start-up consultants familiar with starting charter schools for ongoing council.

Yes, we will have a Director of Special Education to manage the SPED process. We plan on hiring at least one teacher certified in Special Education.

Covid Protocols

We will follow the CDC guidelines.

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