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Enrollment is a preliminary step that puts children into the lottery which will be held March 15, 2023, for students entering in Fall 2023. Enrolling does not guarantee a child’s place in the school, only that they will be included in the lottery.

Registration is for children to become students at Marine Village School. If done now, it means the student will start attending Marine Village School now. Students who are registered do not go through the lottery process; registered students’ places for the following year are guaranteed. Registrations are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis, up to the limit of 25 per class.

The lottery is held to pick enrolled students randomly for seats in Marine Village School for the following school year. See the Lottery Policy on our website. On March 15th, we will hold a lottery for any grade that has more than 25 students applying for enrollment. We will start with the fifth grade and work down. When a student is selected, we will check to see if they have any siblings applying for other grades; siblings are automatically enrolled at that point. We have a limit of 25 students per grade.

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