Linda Tibbetts

Linda Tibbetts

Board Secretary

Linda Tibbetts is an experienced and noteworthy volunteer/philanthropist with over 30 years of involvement with a variety of both local and national non-profit organizations. She is enthusiastic about giving back, especially when it comes to the recovery community. She is a motivational speaker with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and speaks locally and nationally.

Linda currently assists community and private foundations across the nation with their donor and grant/scholarship management software to best fit their needs through structured and creative problem-solving.

Linda has an energetic and humorous work style. She was raised in May Township and lives in Marine on St. Croix with her first husband, Forrest, and their two pets, Mikey the orange cat and Izzy the white dog. When she isn’t working or helping folks, you can find her on a sandbar reading a book and listening to a variety of tunes or on a solo trip discovering new things and other cultures. Her favorite holiday is April Fool’s Day, and her favorite sport is baseball. The Earth’s rotation really makes her day.

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