Dr Kelly Pylkas

Dr. Kelly Pylkas-Bock is an Instructional Coach in White Bear Lake, MN. She has worked in the field of education for the last two decades. In 2015 Dr. Kelly Pylkas-Bock earned an Educational Doctorate. Her dissertation explored how families transitioning out of homelessness inspired a love for literacy in their children. Dr. Pylkas-Bock earned a Master’s Degree and an Educational Leadership certificate (2004, 2002) from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Elementary Education (1998) is from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Kelly has several publications, including her 2015 TEDx talk, Teachers as Civil Disobedients. She is also currently co-authoring a book, Culturally Responsive Physical Education (2022). Kelly’s passion is children. She believes children have a right to be the principal actors on their own stage and that grown-ups should stand aside and allow them to learn, shine, fail and rise.

Kelly lives in Marine on St. Croix with her three boys, and her hiking, biking, skiing (and teacher) husband, Joshua and, of course, their dog Brooke. She is passionate about Marine Village School because her boys biked through William O’Brien State Park to attend Marine Elementary. Kelly’s boys played football and gaga Ball on the playground.

Dr. Pylkas-Bock believes, whole-heartedly, in small community schools to provide the safety net and the springboard for our youngest and most important, future community members. Small community schools are the life-blood of Minnesota’s small towns, providing fellowship, connection and life-long education for community members of all ages.

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