Annette Smith

Annette Smith holds a master’s in curriculum and instruction from the University of MN, Twin Cities. She is a former elementary and university teacher. Annette currently operates a business working with individual children and their family.

Her interest in MVS is focused on school choice as it is one aspect she supports families with, currently. An ideal school views each child as an individual and meets them with learning opportunities, in that capacity. It is clear to Annette that MVS views the education of the learner through this lens and she is excited to support the organization while sitting on the Board. Schools also provide an opportunity where a learner feels anchored and fully participates in the community created, knows they are physically and emotionally safe, and helps each individual feel deeply cared for; all of which are tenets of Maine Village School. As a parent, Annette has experienced attempting to find a school that aligned with her son’s needs and her beliefs as an educator. Through this adventure, she has experienced private schools, homeschooling, and public charter.

Annette lives in Woodbury with her family. She enjoys all aspects of the outdoors – particularly, back country camping, lengthy mountain range hikes, plant identification, and wildlife observation. She believes nature is a healer for us all. Her hands are often busy with a knitting project. Annette views Marine Village School as a place where students will have ample opportunities to engage with our natural world and feel supported with the community-focused atmosphere.

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